There are several essential elements to the care of any gundog. Remember that a well trained dog is a considerable asset and is a valuable addition to your possessions. It therefore behoves you to care for it well, house it adequately and attend to matters of health promptly and consistently.








There is no doubt that the best housing for an active gundog is in a well constructed, draught-free, outside kennel. Some owners will, by necessity, have to keep their dogs in their house but, if at all possible, an outside kennel and enclosed run is the preferred option. It not only leeds to a hardier, healthier dog but also makes training very much easier.




Active gundogs, that may be asked to retrieve geese from icy winter seas, require an adequate and sensible diet. Just like humans, dogs are plagued by ephemeral dietary fads but common sense really is the key. Traditionally gundogs were fed on the excellent diet of tripe and biscuit but, nowadays, most owners rely upon an all-in-one dried dog food that can be moistened before serving. Brands such as Skinners and Cobbydog are highly regarded.




The key to good gundog health is a sensible diet, plenty of aerobic exercise (a daily "walk" is next to useless - gundogs require strenuous exercise to keep them fit), and immediate attention to any illness or injury. Make friends with your local vet and take his advice about vaccinations and routine health care.




Only breed from a dog if you have a ready outlet of good working homes for the pups. Ensure that both sire and dam are from proven Field Trial Champion lines and that both are totally free from any genetic defects. If you do decide to breed from a bitch, consult your vet about worming and vaccinations before taking her to a sire and then follow your vet's advice throughout pregnancy and whelping.









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